Buying a home? Purchase Title Insurance to Protect your Investment

Educating the public regarding the value of title insurance permits the Buyers to make an informed decision as to the best way to protect THEIR investment. When the excitement of the purchase and closing ends your title insurance policy will be the only thing standing by you in the event of a problem with title. 
American Land Title Association (ALTA)  President Frank Pellegrini recenlty stated, “Problems with the title of your new home can limit your enjoyment and use of the property…Only an owner’s title insurance policy fully protects the homebuyer should a covered title problem arise.”
Always get an owners title insurance policy from a professional agent and never rely on the Seller’s servicing company to ” provide you a free policy”. There is no such thing as a free meal or a free policy. You get what you pay for and when your investment is at sake accept no substitute.
ALTA, the national trade association of the land title insurance industry, encourages all consumers to purchase an owner’s title insurance policy when buying real estate. This policy is purchased for a one-time fee at the real estate closing and lasts for as long as the consumer or their heirs have an interest in the property. This policy protects consumers against possible hidden title problems that can include errors or omissions in deeds, mistakes in examining records, forgery and undisclosed heirs.
“An owner’s policy provides assurance that your title company will stand behind you — monetarily and with legal defense if needed — if a covered title problem arises after you buy your home,” said Pellegrini. “Purchasing a home is often the single largest financial investment a family can make. Your owner’s title insurance policy can help minimize potential issues that could impede your property rights.”
If you are considering purchasing a home in East Tennessee, please contact the attorneys at The Law Office of Kelley Hinsley to help ensure you are properly protected.  And for friendly and professional title service tell your realtor you want to close your purchase at Heartland Title Services, Inc. 
Written by Kelley Hinsley, Esq.